How To Book KGF Chapter 2 Movie Tickets 2022 From Paytm


How To Book KGF Chapter 2 Movie Tickets 2022 From Paytm

Hello friends how are you welcome in today’s new and fresh article of our website how to book KGF Chapter 2 movie ticket from Paytm in 2022. Friends, if you love watching movies online very much and you are a big fan of Yes and you love watching South movies very much, then today’s article is going to prove to be very amazing and helpful for you.

Friends, whenever a new film is released, it must have come to your mind that we can watch this movie as soon as possible. Friends, you must have felt that we go and watch this movie in the theater with great pleasure. But friends, you go to the theater and take tickets there, then you face a lot of problems, but after reading this post today, all your troubles are going to end because you will be able to release the movie through your mobile. You can book tickets.

So yes friends, in today’s post we will tell you how you can easily book KGF Chapter 2 movie tickets online through your mobile through Paytm application. If you book tickets online then you will not see any problem here and you will be able to enjoy your movie as soon as you go direct to the theater, you will not need to take any ticket etc.

 When was the KGF chapter 2 movie released.

Friends, if you are a big fan of KGF and Yash Bhai, then you must know that the first part of KGF Chapter 2 was released in 2018. Friends, the fans of KGF movie had to wait a lot and after 4 years in 2022, now KGF Chapter 2 movie has been released. Yes friends KGF Chapter 2 Movie has been released on 14th April 2022.

 How To Book KGF Chapter 2 Movie Tickets 2022 From Paytm

So friends without wasting time let’s move towards the topic and we tell you complete step by step how you can book online KGF Chapter 2 movie ticket from your mobile through Paytm application.

1) First of all, after turning on mobile data in your mobile, you have to download the Paytm application from Google Play Store.

2) After this, after entering your mobile number and Paytm password, you have to enter OTP and login with simple.

3) Friends, as soon as you go to the homepage of Paytm, you will get to see many categories ie options, you have to slide down and go to the featured section.

4) There friends, you will find Yash Bhai’s photo and KGF 2 tickets written like this, you have to click on it.

5) As soon as you click on it, you will get to see the language of the movie in front of you like Hindi Telugu Canada Tamil Now select the language in which you want to watch the movie and click on the Proceed button.

6) After this friends, you have to select your city where you want to go to the theater and watch the movie like Delhi Ahmedabad Agra Mumbai etc.

7) After completing this process, friends, you will get to see the names of many theaters in front of you and you will get to see all the list of their KGF Chapter 2 movie shows, select the one you like. Is.

8) After this, friends will be able to see in front of you from the seat of your theater, whichever seat is vacant, you have to select the seat for yourself among them, as many as you want to book tickets.

9) After this, friends, here you will get to see a popup of corona virus whether you have got both the vaccines or not, then click on the Yes button and do next.

10) On the next page, you will get to see your total payment, all the tickets you have heard to book the seat, after that friends, you will get the button of Make Payment next to the total balance, click on it.

11) Friends, if you want, you have to complete your payment successfully from Paytm Wallet or Credit Card Debit Card UPI. If I will make my payment here with debit card, then after entering the details of debit card, you have to make the payment successful by entering the OTP coming on your mobile number.

12) Just friends, your entire process has been completed, you will get all the details here to see your ticket number etc. You have to take a screenshot of it and you will also receive the message on your mobile number.

So friends, very easily step by step, we have told you in Hindi language that how you can book KGF Chapter 2 movie tickets with the help of Paytm application very easily.

• conclusion :

We hope that you have liked this article of our website very much, in today’s post we told you that when was the KGF Chapter 2 movie released? How to book KGF Chapter 2 movie tickets online from Paytm, etc. Information if you liked the article given in Hindi language, then like it.

If you have any question or suggestion related to this article of ours, then you can tell us in the comment box below, we will try our best to reply you as soon as possible. All your friends who want to watch KGF Chapter 2 Movie, share this article as much as possible with them on WhatsApp Facebook Instagram Thank you friends see you in the next post.


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